SERP-RISE: How advertisers can combat the new Google layout

With Google’s latest Search Engine Results Page (SERP) shake-up, we wave goodbye to sidebar ads and welcome in a new ad slot above the organic results.

So what changes can we expect with this update, and how can we capitalise on them to stay one step ahead of our competitors?

Google SERP Change - No RHS Ads

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Google Shopping Optimisation Series – Part 3

The final part of our Google Shopping series looks at how you can use Search Queries to guide your overall strategy. If you’ve missed our previous articles on Google Shopping, you can have a read through Part 1 and Part 2.

Search Query Mining

One of the drawbacks of Shopping campaigns is that Google matches products in your feed to what it sees as relevant search queries (based on product titles/descriptions) rather than an advertiser handpicking which products should show on which search query like in regular search advertising. As a result, it can sometimes be hard to match the right products to the right searches which can have an overall negative impact on performance.

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Google Shopping Optimisation Series – Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of our Google Shopping Optimisation Series, we’ve included our tips on Google Merchant Promotions & Image Optimisation below.

Google Merchant Promotions

A great way to draw attention to your ad on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is to utilise Google Merchant Promotions. These allow advertisers to include “Special Offers” to their product listing ads, making them stand out from their competitors.

Section 3 - Image 1

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Google Shopping Optimisation Series – Part 1

Google Shopping campaigns are becoming more and more of a priority for e-commerce advertisers, with ad space & click through rate’s increasing across verticals.

Over the last 12 months, retailers have increased spend on Google Shopping ads by 47%.

Ensuring your Google Shopping campaigns are fully optimised will give you the best chance of hitting your KPI objectives.

We’ve decided to pull together some of the top Google Shopping optimisation techniques in a new blog series, the first of which will cover Feed Data Quality and Custom Labels.

Section 1 - Image 2


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Gmail Sponsored Promotion Campaigns

Google’s Gmail Sponsored Promotions allow AdWords advertisers to show rich media ads to users within Gmail. Here’s a screenshot for the unfamiliar:


And here is an expanded ad shot here:


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AdWords Auction Insights: 4 Reports to Track Your Competitors

Auction Insights reports in AdWords contain a wealth of information that allow you to compare your campaigns against all advertisers you are competing with in auctions.

We’ll start by looking at the 6 metrics available on the Auction Insights tab:

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Search Partners Optimisation

Search Partners are websites in the Google Search Network that partner up with Google to show adverts on their sites. There are various different sites in the Search Partner Network, including sites with embedded Google search, on site directory pages and other Google products (Google Shopping, Google Images etc).

When opting in to advertising on the Google Search network advertisers have two options; “Google Search Only” or “Include Search Partners”. The Adwords default is to “Include Search Partners” so the majority of advertisers launch accordingly, and don’t how/where to check the performance of Search Partners once live.

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Search Query Conundrum

A lot of advertisers get itchy feet at the prospect of using broad match in their Google Adwords accounts. The main fear being how many irrelevant terms will Google match to my keywords and how much waste will this cost me?

It could be argued that having campaigns with exact match only is the cleanest, safest way to control your queries but it’s just not feasible to push necessary volume for the majority of advertisers.

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