Effectively managing bids, audiences, and placements is crucial for the success of a YouTube PPC campaign. However, just as important is producing engaging creatives that will grab your audience’s attention and spread your brand voice.

Because there are many different ways to create videos for YouTube campaigns, it’s essential to understand industry trends and get insights from data-based sources before making random videos. In this blog, we recommend 3 Google tools that you should consider if you want maximise the performance of your YouTube PPC video creatives.

1. Think With Google

Think With Google is a platform that compiles and releases a massive amount of Google research and data for free to anyone on the internet. This type of information can be vital for inspiring engaging video creative for YouTube PPC campaigns.

It’s a robust resource where you can find articles, papers and guides about many different themes from consumer insights to valuable tools, and a great place to look for reliable data and trends. Future marketing perspectives and marketing strategies’ case studies can also be found on their website.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend checking out their article on YouTube wins in 2021 and trends for 2022.

2. Google Trends

If you want to find out what people in the world are searching for on Google (and that’s a great way to find trending topics that can inspire YouTube PPC creatives, by the way), the best place to do so is on Google Trends.

This tool provides access to a significant sample of real Google searches in an anonymous and grouped way. Of course, that means you won’t know who searched for that specific term, but you will have information about themes that a large group of people have been interested in at a particular period of time.

For example, if you are a candle company, you can enter a topic like “candles” and find which related queries have increased search volume anywhere in the world in the last 12 months. With that information in hand, you can get inspiration on which to base your creatives, ensuring you will be producing content users are genuinely interested in.

3. Google Surveys

Surveys are also an effective method for understanding what your audience’s interests are and making data-informed decisions. It’s a great way to test video topics and use the feedback to adapt and tailor themes.

With Google Surveys it’s possible to get answers from real people in your audience, with prices starting at 10¢ per completed survey. You can ask up to ten questions at a time and target your audience based on location and device usage, for example.

Final results can be returned in three days, and Google provides detailed graphs and charts that make feedback analysis a quicker and more manageable task.

To sum up…

Don’t just “guess” what people find engaging, make use of these tools, do your research, and maximise the performance of your YouTube campaigns.

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