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Catering Appliance Superstore are a family run firm that supply top quality catering equipment for businesses across the UK

Clean Digital were brought on in June 2013 to help scale the PPC campaigns, whilst maintaining overall profitability.

Since we started working together we've grown their sales from digital advertising YoY, every year


Channels Used




    Google Shopping

    • This forms a massive source of traffic. Our advanced campaign setup allows us to bid after query type and dominate results in areas where our margin and revenues are highest
    • It's important we're constantly benchmarking ourselves against our competitors. Not just by price, but by monitoring their highest margin products and finding profitable gaps in their strategy.

    Search and Shopping Ads: Working Together

    • With over 15,000 products available on site, the data feed that powers the Shopping ads must be expertly optimised.
    • It's vital that we appear for all the correct product and model searches and show the user an ad tailored to their intent. Sometimes this will be a search ad, somtimes a Shopping ad.

    Bing Ads

    • Bing Ads can is often an overlooked channel
    • With a roughly 10% market share in the UK, and a more affluent average user than Google, it can still deliver great results for PPC campaigns
    • We were first to market with our Bing Shopping ads ahead of competitors, and compliment with our search strategy


Every brand is unique and our ad campaigns reflect that. We make sure we're utlilising the latest ad technology and platforms to make our ads really stand out.




A significant increase in revenue from ad clicks at a more efficient ROI

For 3 years, an average 72% monthly increase in revenue

CPCs down by an average of 9% yet click volume is up 49%


"We've worked with Clean Digital for 5 years now and website sales and revenue have gone from strength to strength. Reporting is concise and to the point, and all centered around improving our business goals"

Graham, Marketing Director, Catering Appliance Superstore