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innovative execution, &
data-driven results

Our services

We are a specialist PPC agency in Edinburgh. We exclusively specialise in paid advertising. This laser focus means we are on the cutting edge of what is happening in the PPC industry; we optimise and deliver recommendations that will make your campaigns more profitable.

What makes us different?

We think long-term.

We like to think our PPC strategies are proven and will stand the test of time. We love to work with clients who have a long-term vision, and try to avoid flash in the pan, get-rich-quick schemes.

We optimise for profit.

Our primary aim is to maximise profit from PPC, not just revenue, bookings, or leads. We work with our client's data and find the trends that are having the biggest impact on their overall business.

We put data first.

We know that great results require great analytics. From making sure tracking is set up correctly, through to real-time reporting and monitoring, we're measuring what matters most to your business.

We hate waste.

We are passionate about preventing wasted media spend via PPC. We utilise ROVER, our human-based automation toolkit, to help us quickly identify mis-spent budget, with a range of triggers to notify us in real time.

We are employee-owned.

We are now 100% employee-owned meaning every employee has a meaningful stake in the business and say in how it is run. This sense of collective ownership fosters a collaborative culture, encourages innovation, and improves productivity and stability.

Trusted by 100+ of the best companies in the world.

See what our clients have to say

"In my experience of working with agencies, Clean Digital top the list. A great bunch of people who are the real experts in what they do. I would highly recommend!"

Jo Wiggin

Arden University

"Clean Digital have helped us run our PPC campaigns for over 5 years now and we're happy with the returns and the level of service. They provide detailed breakdowns of the spend and returns every week and we'll be working with them for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended!"

William MacDonald


"Their expertise and insights have been invaluable and helped us achieve our marketing goals. For any business aiming to boost their digital presence and PPC performance, we highly recommend Clean Digital."

Katie McGill


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