Save budget on wasted Brand Ad Spend

BrandGuard is Clean Digital's solution for keeping track of your brand terms on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). BrandGuard constantly monitors competitor activity and adjusts your ad campaigns accordingly.

When a competitor starts advertising on your brand terms, BrandGuard activates your ads to make sure you maintain a strong presence.

If competition is low, your ads are paused, saving you money. If you already own the #1 organic listing, you can save even more by only spending on brand terms when competitors are also bidding on them. 

BrandGuard allows us to respond to competitors nearly instantly.

Who can use it?

BrandGuard is designed for any business aiming to analyse, protect and optimise their brand presence on Google SERPs, regardless of competition levels.


  • Control Over Brand Presence - Maintain or enhance your position even when competitors bid on your brand terms.
  • Cost-Efficiency - Pause ads when competition is low, enabling significant savings on ad spend.
  • Real-Time Response - Respond to competitors nearly instantly with continuous scraping.
  • Seamless Integration - Easily integrates with existing ad campaigns.
  • Performance Monitoring - Track your brand's position and spend efficiency through intuitive dashboards.
  • Strategic Advantage - Adjust campaigns on the fly, keeping you ahead of competitor moves.

At Clean Digital, we understand that in the dynamic world of online advertising, quick response and strategic insight make all the difference. BrandGuard ensures that you never lose control over your brand's position on Google SERPs and always stay one step ahead.

Our analysis reveals that timely reaction to competitor activity is crucial in maintaining a robust online presence. Businesses utilising BrandGuard have consistently outperformed their rivals, making the most of opportunities while optimising spend.

Don't let your brand be overshadowed by competitors. With BrandGuard, maintain your rightful place and maximise efficiency.


The average saving on Brand spend across our clients currently utilising BrandGuard

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