Privacy Policy Overview

This privacy policy applies to the website [], which is owned and managed by Clean Digital Limited. This policy outlines our commitment to the privacy of our users, the type of data we collect, how we manage it, and the user's rights and responsibilities.

Website Privacy Measures

Our website is designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy. We adhere to all UK privacy laws and regulations, and we implement proactive measures to safeguard the privacy of our users throughout their visit.

Cookies Usage

Our website employs cookies to enhance the user experience. Upon a user's initial visit, our cookie control system prompts them to either allow or block the use of cookies on their device, conforming to recent legislation requiring explicit user consent.

Cookies are small files saved onto the user's computer hard drive, used to track and store information about the user's interactions with the website. This enables our server to provide a customised experience to our users. If users prefer to block cookies from our website, they should adjust their web browser's security settings accordingly.

We use Google Analytics, which also uses cookies, to monitor visitor usage. This software tracks and monitors your engagement with the site but does not collect personal information. Other cookies might be saved by external vendors when our website uses referral programs or sponsored links. These cookies are typically used for conversion and referral tracking and expire after 30 days. No personal information is collected or stored.

Communication & Personal Information

Users contacting our website do so voluntarily and provide personal details at their own discretion. We maintain your personal information securely and privately until it is no longer needed, as per the Data Protection Act 1998.

We use the information you provide to respond to your queries, provide information about our services, and, with your explicit consent, subscribe you to our email newsletter. Your details are never shared with third parties.

Email Newsletter

Our website offers an email newsletter program to keep subscribers updated about our products and services. Subscription is voluntary and can be processed either automatically online or manually with prior written agreement.

In line with the UK Spam Laws and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, we keep all subscription-related personal details secure and confidential. You may request a copy of your personal information held by our email newsletter program, for which a small fee may apply.

Our email marketing campaigns may include tracking facilities for analysis and future refinement. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time through an automated system, with instructions provided in each email campaign.

External Links & Sponsored Links

Our website may contain external links and sponsored links, which are provided by our advertising partners. Clicking on these links will direct you to the advertiser's website through a referral program that may use cookies and track referrals from our website. Users are advised to click on these links at their own risk.

Social Media Interaction

Interactions on social media platforms where this website participates are subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of those platforms. We recommend using these platforms wisely and exercising caution with personal and private information.

This website may include social sharing buttons, which allow content to be shared directly to the respective social media platforms. Please note that using these buttons is at the user's discretion, and the respective platform may track and save your sharing activity.

Shortened URLs

Links to relevant web pages shared on social media platforms may be shortened. We encourage users to exercise caution when clicking these links, as social media platforms can be susceptible to spam and hacking.

Further Information & Compliance

Our website, business, and internal computer systems comply with the following data protection and user privacy laws:

EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

Data Protection Act 1998

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003

This ensures that our website is likely compliant with data protection and user privacy legislation in many other countries and territories as well. If you have any queries about our compliance with your country's specific data protection and privacy legislation, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer (details provided below).

The data controller for this website is Clean Digital Limited, a UK Private Limited Company with company number: SC428397. The registered and operating office is at Clockwise Offices, 84 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX.

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer for this website is Mr. Rory Young, Managing Director, Clean Digital Limited.
You can contact him at 0131 476 3147.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.