Value-based bidding at scale for your PPC account

SignalPulse is Clean Digital's custom software solution to integrate Value-Based Bidding (VBB) at scale based on any user journey.

With its seamless integration with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta Ads, SignalPulse is perfect for both e-commerce and lead generation advertising campaigns.

With the significant improvements in smart bidding over the years, it's now essential to provide platforms with precise and business-critical information for optimisation. And that's where SignalPulse steps in. By using SignalPulse, you can optimise towards products with higher profit margin, even though revenue may be lower.

Who can use it?

SignalPulse has been created for any business using PPC who has not established a robust Value-Based Bidding setup using relevant business data.

It works across multiple platforms including:


  • Increased profit - start pushing spend towards the areas which drive profit in your business.
  • Easy setup - no 3rd party platforms needed
  • Customisable signal scoring values - can test & optimise over time based on business priorities
  • Real-time data feedback - minimising disruption from long click->sale cycles
  • Performance dashboards - highlighting incremental growth as the data gathers

At Clean Digital, we believe value-based bidding is the future of paid acquisition; that automation will rule and the real winners in auctions will be those who have implemented systems like SignalPulse, which will ensure the right users are acquired based on real business goals.

92% of accounts we have audited since 2022 have not had a viable VBB strategy in place, while those that have are now winning auctions.

Advertisers that have not adapted are already being priced out.

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