Employee Ownership

Here at Clean Digital we're all owners. Yep...you read that right!

As of June 2023 Clean Digital transitioned into a 100% employee owned company via an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). Our commitment to shared success and exceptional service led us to this transformative step, ensuring a brighter, fairer future for every member of our team. 

Employee Ownership is a scheme supported by the government, aimed at fostering a people-first business culture where employees have a stake and say in the running of the company.

Let’s break it down. Here's the approach we've taken at Clean Digital:

  • Rory has transitioned 100% of his shares to an 'employee trust'.
  • This trust stands as a legal entity, established to represent the employees and is registered as a distinct entity on the Companies House register.
  • The fundamental role of the trust is to voice the needs and aspirations of the employees, empowering them with influence over the company's operations.
  • While Rory remains at the helm, managing everyday business in tandem with the leadership team, any major decisions that could directly affect company profits will need trust endorsement for final sign-off.

How does it work?

Over the past two years, Clean Digital has experienced significant growth. This expansion has led to a rise in employee numbers, as we continue to attract top talent. We have significantly enhanced our data & analytics offering, further solidifying our position as a leading PPC marketing agency in the industry.

An employee ownership company shares its responsibilities and rewards with the wider team with no change in leadership or business location. It also has a positive impact on society by sustaining jobs in the local community, creating greater income equality and faster job creation.

"An Employee Ownership Trust is right for us because it embodies our company culture, one where we all feel responsible for the business performance and success. It reflects our long-held belief that the success of the company comes from having a brilliant, positively engaged team where everyone is personally invested and plays their part to ensure that we deliver."

Managing Director, Rory Young, continues to lead the business alongside two newly appointed Board Directors, as well as two Trustee Directors, who were elected by the team. Important business decisions are now made in a more democratic way, where all employees are encouraged to voice any thoughts or opinions via regular trustee meetings.


Alignment with Values

We’ve always been a ‘people-first’ agency. Transforming into an employee-owned agency was the natural progression for us, empowering the very individuals who have been instrumental in our success.


Rewarding Our Team

We believe in recognising the hard work and dedication of our entire team. As an employee-owned agency, every member has a stake in our future success, creating a shared sense of purpose and reward.


Ensuring Longevity

By becoming employee-owned, we're investing in the future. This structure helps us maintain our independence and unique culture, promising a thriving future for Clean Digital and all its team members.

"We’ve seen incredible growth and now boast our biggest and best team to date. Our continued success reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients while fostering a dynamic and innovative work environment. Becoming employee owned should accelerate that growth."

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