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Using Portfolio Bids To Set CPC Bid Limits

Using Portfolio Bids To Set CPC Bid Limits

Melissa Wratt Melissa Wratt
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Are you using Smart Bidding and seeing CPC peaks that are making you nervous? If that's the case, there is a little trick you pull out of your sleeve to help: Portfolio Bidding with max CPCs. If used correctly, these can help reduce wasted spend.  

High CPCs aren’t always bad. Sometimes Google will up the bid if it believes that a conversion is going to occur, so it's not always a reason to jump to max bids! But if you are seeing CPCs that are substantially higher than your account average then this might be where you consider utilising a portfolio bidding strategy.

You can do this through Tools > Budgets & Bidding > Bid Strategy. Select your Smart Bidding strategy that you are currently using, you are going to put in the same tROAS, but what we are looking for is hidden in Advanced options. Portfolio Bidding gives you more control and flexibility over your ad spend.

Do's and Don’ts: 

  • Don't limit your account by setting the CPC too low. Give Google room to grow so look at setting it higher than your desired CPC - just giving that CPC a ceiling which stops it from being far too high. 
    • Look at your average CPCs for this as a GUIDE…again, do not base it off this. Performance will suffer if you do. 
  • Remember it! Regularly monitor and adjust your settings. Do not set and forget - you might find that your Christmas sale gets a wee bit limited if so.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried using Portfolio Bidding to help control your CPCs yet? If you're ready to take your PPC strategy to the next level, give it a go and see the results.

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