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Ad Extensions: Why Are They So Important?

Ad Extensions: Why Are They So Important?

Sean McGauran Sean McGauran
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Paid advertising is a powerful digital marketing tool that can aid in attracting a desired audience to your website, enabling you to quickly drive relevant traffic to your website. Over the years, this space has become increasingly competitive as businesses continue to grow their presence online due to the market shift towards digital commerce. Due to this increase in competition, it’s more important than ever before to ensure your ads stand out from the crowd and catch your target audiences’ attention. One way to maximise the efficiency of your PPC ads is to utilise ad extensions across your ads.


Ad extensions add value to your ads and don’t cost more to use. When used effectively, they can help to provide more context, drive clicks, and improve performance. There are various types of ad extensions available to use, including sitelink extensions, callout extensions, image extensions, location extensions, call extensions and structured snippets.


One of the primary benefits, and reasons that we use these as often as possible, is that they aid in increasing the visibility of your ads. In essence, they allow your ads to take up more space on the search engine results page, while also providing more information to users pre-click to help to qualify people’s interest before spending on the click. As a result, sitelink extensions help to drive overall click volume by increasing ad visibility, not just driving more traffic to your website, but also more qualified traffic.


Ad extensions also allow businesses to provide more information on their ads outside of the standard 30-character limit headlines and 90-character limit descriptions available to advertisers. By adding ad extensions, you’re essentially giving yourself up to four additional spaces below your ads that not only allow you to add more information to potential customers but can also allow you to link to additional pages on your website all within the same search.


In terms of the ad extensions available to users, additional information can be in the form of sitelinks to specific pages on the website, callout extensions to highlight specific features/unique selling points, or structured snippets to provide more context about your business and the products/services that you offer. By providing more information, businesses can increase the likelihood of ad clicks, leading to increased traffic to their website. Ad extensions have also been shown to increase click-through rates (CTRs) as they help to provide more relevant information to users early in the user journey.


One of the best things, and main reasons that we would recommend incorporating them into your campaigns, is that they are free to add to PPC ads and do not cost anything extra to use. Essentially, this allows advertisers to improve the performance of their ads without spending more money on advertising. In conclusion, using ad extensions in PPC ads can provide numerous benefits, including increased visibility, more information, better user experience, increased click-through rates, cost-effectiveness, better targeting, and a competitive advantage.


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