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Why Employee Ownership Is Right For Us

Why Employee Ownership Is Right For Us

Rory Young Rory Young
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Clean Digital has always had a clear vision; to provide best-in-class customer service via our PPC management and constantly push the boundaries on what we can achieve for clients. Fast forward over a decade, our vision has remained steadfast.

In the last few years, we have experienced significant growth, both in revenue and in team size. This has also enabled us to make great strides in what we can offer as a business to potential clients, solidifying our position as PPC experts, both strategically and technically.

In the background, something we’ve always wanted to do is create a long-term plan for a fairer structure. This is why on 30th May 2023; I signed Clean Digital over to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

An Employee Ownership Trust is right for us because it embodies our company culture; one where we all feel responsible for the business' performance and success. Also, it reflects our long-held belief that the success of the company comes from having a brilliant, positively engaged team where everyone is personally invested and plays their part to ensure that we deliver great results.

We're dedicated to investing in our team, and the employee ownership model offers long-term stability for everyone at Clean Digital, whose future is now secure. It's an excellent way to reward staff, an appealing perk for new talent, and it aids in future-proofing the business through succession planning. Ultimately, we're placing our trust in the people who make this business what it is. They now have a genuine stake in the company, and we're all excited about this new chapter as we concentrate on our next stage of growth.

The journey has been quite extensive; from discussing various alternatives with Mark Probert, our growth advisor at Cactus, to engaging with EOT specialists, Baxendale, we have been meticulously evaluating our choices for over a year. Our aim was to thoroughly examine all potential paths to ensure the business progresses sustainably and without any detrimental effects on daily operations.

I believe that the team here at Clean Digital has never been stronger. I have unwavering confidence in each and every employee, across all levels and departments, and I want them to feel empowered and valued. I strongly believe that becoming an employee owned business will do exactly this…and then some.

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