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Responsive Search Ads: Why You Should Start Using Them ASAP

Responsive Search Ads: Why You Should Start Using Them ASAP

Manaíra Lacerda
2 minute read

If you want to see high-performing Search ads running on your Google Ads account next Summer, you might need to start using Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) now! As of 30 June 2022, Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) on Google Ads will no longer be possible as they are being replaced permanently with RSAs.

Responsive Search Ads x Expanded Text Ads

Responsive Search Ads allow advertisers to create versatile text ads by providing up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. Over time, Google Ads will automatically test different combinations to learn which ones perform best. The main benefit is adapting ad copy to match users search terms without human intervention, saving marketers' resources and helping improve campaign performance. However, this type of ad reduces the control brands have over the message they want to spread on Google Ads.


Expanded Text Ads require two headlines plus an optional third one and two descriptions only, giving advertisers more control over ad messaging. However, they need constant manual checks and updates to ensure the content is relevant and matches users' search queries.  

Evolve or Die

Google's decision to stop advertisers from creating ETAs isn’t surprising given their push towards automation. With each new update, they are removing more and more control from the advertiser. However, in the Paid Search world, updates from Big Tech are usually not contestable. So you have to adapt, even if you don't like them.

To ensure you are well prepared for that change, it's essential to take some actions during the transition period:

  • Have at least one responsive search ad in every ad group in your Search campaigns by July 2022.
  • Reuse high-performing content from expanded text ads and pay attention to Ad strength - According to Google, "advertisers who improve Ad strength for their responsive search ads from 'Poor' to 'Excellent' see 9% more clicks and conversions on average".
  • Have control over your ETA content by pinning headlines or descriptions to specific positions in your responsive search ads.
  • Assess the success of your ads by analysing the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions your ad groups and campaigns received. Metrics like clickthrough rate and conversion rate may not be as accurate on RSAs.

To keep up with all Google Ads updates, we recommend regularly checking their announcements page.

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