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TikTok Advertising Taking Over In 2022

TikTok Advertising Taking Over In 2022

Kirsten Douglas Kirsten Douglas
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In 2020 TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps worldwide, and since then it’s impossible to deny the impact that this social media platform has had on culture, and not just with teenagers. Now used across more than 150 countries, it’s no wonder that TikTok advertising is on the increase.

If you’re considering starting a paid campaign, just remember your target market, as TikTok is not for every brand, but companies such as Chipotle, the NFL, and even Crocs (yep, they are still around), have found marketing success on the platform. With short videos created to entertain, inform, and share experiences, it is a great space for storytelling, which is essential in advertising these days.

TikTok offers a few different options for ad formats already; In-Feed, Top-View, Branded Hashtag Challenge, and Branded Effected…. and they will be adding even more to the line-up for 2022.


Announced in July 2021, these ads will enable brands to promote existing organic content, not their own, but those created through partnering with other creators or building via the TikTok community with a Duet feature.


Announced in September 2021, aiming for higher levels of engagement.

  • Customised Instant Pages: directing users to mobile-optimized landing pages
  • Pop-Up Showcase: providing advertisers with a library of stickers and images to pop onto their video ads
  • Gesture Ads: users can reveal more information or rewards when sliding or tapping on the video ad
  • Super Like 2.0: helping engagement on likes by having visual elements appear when the video ad is double tapped
  • Story Selection: allowing users to build their own adventure within an ad story

With all these ad options, and over 600 million monthly active users worldwide, there are plenty of captive audiences ready and waiting to discover your brand. You never know, you might create the next TikTok trend!

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