Our Success Stories

Arden University

Clean Digital collaborated with Arden University to achieve a significant increase in direct enrolments. By implementing a value-based bidding (VBB) strategy and utilising nGram scripts for analysing complex query data, we exceeded our PPC application target by 25% for FY22.

This data-driven approach contributed to all channels hitting the overall application goal and resulted in a 127% increase in Google Ads query tracked enrolments. These impressive results positioned Arden as the fastest-growing university in the United Kingdom, demonstrating the effectiveness of our comprehensive, data-led advertising strategy in a competitive market.

This outstanding performance led to us winning the award for:

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We worked with Dobbies on the "Spring It On" campaign, with the primary goal of maximising footfall across core stores, driving online visits and sales, and solidifying Dobbies as the market leader for spring gardening. Our innovative approach included leveraging over 50 distinct audience segments, and crafting highly-targeted campaigns for each store. 

We also effectively adapted our budget allocation when faced with unexpected obstacles, ensuring optimal results. The campaign was a resounding success, delivering a remarkable 14:1 ROAS and generating 115% of the initial revenue target. This accomplishment highlights our team's dedication, adaptability, and expertise in delivering outstanding results for our clients.

This exceptional work earned us the award for:BEST USE OF SEARCH – FMCG (SMALL).

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